Blauda is a reliable and professional Japanese car dealing company in the market. They are well recognized in the world for the variety of cars and top-quality services.


Blauda caters to automobile orders of millions of customers all around the world. In the fast-paced market where huge number of customers are checking in every day, it gets difficult for our client to manage and keep the record of every customer and their requirements.

This is the matter of a major concern for Blauda. Therefore, they require an infrastructure to keep a track of every consumer and the specifications of their orders and a befitting website to gain customer traffic.

Due to unsatisfactory social media presence, Blauda is having a hard time to make their business reach to the larger audience and maintain a strong relationship with site visitors and online buyers.


Hul Hub evaluated the whole scenario and formulated a few solutions that were beneficial for the client’s business.

Hul Hub developed some means of software programs which enabled our clients to keep a better connection with consumers and learn more about their orders’ detail. Alongside that, it provides users ease to place orders and negotiate with our online clients.

The digital marketing team at Hul Hub took full responsibility of online presence of our clients. To make Blauda spread to a wide range of people, we focused on uplifting social media, SEO and SEM strategies for generating generous amount of leads.

Hul Hub developed digital marketing approach that not only promoted our client’s brand but also converted them from visitors to buyers.

Moreover, with the help of our system engineers and system implementation specialist, we deployed our proprietary ERP solutions for Blauda that drastically improved business processes and overall output for the organization.


With our hard work, Blauda gratefully received more automobile orders than usual.

Our client is well-equipped with the latest digital marketing strategies to keep up with the site visitors.

Hul Hub created Live Chat support so that every user is met with the solutions to their queries comprehensively. The 24/7 active Live Chat received larger number of queries which successfully led them to conversions.

“Thank you, Hul Hub, we are pleased to see our buyers growing every day. Blauda is extremely glad to have worked with your exceptional team and will look forward to working again in the future.” – Blauda