Engro is one of the Pakistan’s leading multinational company. It is widely recognized for the manufacture of fertilizers, foods, chemical, and so on.


Our respected client, Engro, has been in the business for a long time, where they deal with numerous clients and different situations regularly. Our client discussed with us that how they have been facing an ongoing issue of weak internal communication within the company.

From time to time, employees register complains to HR about how their concerns regarding IT are not catered to, such as internet connectivity, troubleshooting glitches, hardware and software technical difficulties, and more.

IT representatives are making their best efforts to provide solution to every issue they confront, but due to the large number of employees they are unable to manage and keep the record of every employee’s problems.

Our client wanted us to develop a native application for the company which strengthens IT service management.


We spent time with our client and their employees and took every current problem into account which enabled us to break down every solution with respect to its issue.

Developers at Hul Hub created an application that competently took care of email communication management for IT Support.

The application was made user friendly in a manner that it satisfies every user.

A database was deigned that aided IT to keep the log of difficulties concerning every employee and analyze them.

Engro is a major corporation consisting of a fairly large number of employees, hence, the live chat feature was also integrated in the application so the employees can connect to IT representative instantly.


The page is quick to load and employees do not have to spend a lot of time navigating through it.

Our client is very appreciative of how the connectivity among employees and IT support has upgraded.

The application helped the workflow of IT department get better and aligned.

“The internal application has only helped save a lot of IT department’s time and the work process has grown considerably better. We are grateful to Hul Hub for this.” - Engro