Jaftim is a prominent used car dealer in the UAE. They are rigorously dedicated to providing their customers cars in the finest condition and the best prices.


Our client contacted us to assist them in adding some visually appealing features to their website.

They found their website to be plain and not aesthetically pleasing. And, for this reason we sat together and discussed their requirements and presented our ideas to make their graphics game strong.

They have customers from all over the world, but what lacked was an online brand appeal. The strong visuals would make them more presentable and attention-grabbing graphics would reel in more clients.

To achieve this, they required to have a standard design with colors, illustrations, and theme with a hint of creativity that could follow on their online platforms.


Visuals are the basics for making your brand unique and that’s what we suggested to our clients.

From right cars’ images, to the selection of correct color palettes, fonts, layout, background, everything added into making a striking image of our client in their consumers’ minds.

The designers’ team at Hul Hub conducted a thorough research about our clients’ core values to develop a brand identity.

Our designers also came up with different ideas to make a logo design for our client, as logo designs are the actual representation of one’s business.

Furthermore, we devised new ideas for social media visuals for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our skilled designers made extraordinary app and website design according to customers’ likeability and appeal.


With our teams’ collective efforts, we succeeded in creating design strategies for Jaftim.

The number of clicks on their website rose above the usual range and social media followers had multiplied.

The design revamp had done an outstanding job in bringing remarkable changes to our client’s business. The navigation was made easy which satisfied the visitors.

“We are very happy with our fabulous creative development and social media progress. We are visually strong and growing. Thank you, Hul Hub.” - Jaftim