SBT Japan is a well-established car export company where countless applicants apply for jobs every day.

The Human Resources is completely committed to make the recruiting process easier and choose the best fit for all departments of the company.


The applicants willing to apply for the job at SBT learnt that the career webpage was disintegrated which made it difficult for them to send in their job applications.

The information on the career page was scattered and redundant.

For every department, job listings were disorderly and confusing which led applicants to spend more time on it than required.

The application process was plain, lacking solid graphics and impressive branding techniques, which proved that the page needed to be entirely revamped.


Hul Hub developed an application to resolve the recurrent issue of redundancy. The main goal was to focus on the relevant and essential information and provide an easy way to upload CV.

A systematic tool was created for users to find the job they wish for and provided convenience to apply for it.

For HR to maintain a trackable database of all applicants and to make job posting simple for them, Hul Hub created a system for our client that connected HRMS with the web application.


Our client witnessed a considerable difference in the number of applicants with number of CVs only going upward.

With the top-notch quality UI web app, SBT careers managed to create a great first impression for its branding purposes.

“With great pleasure, we are receiving plentiful CVs regularly. Our applicants do not find it difficult to send in their job applications anymore. Working with Hul Hub was a very meaningful experience.” – SBT